Alcolado Glacial



For over 75 years a household name in the Caribbean. Alcolado Glacial is much more than just a cologne. Its menthol fragrance refreshes from head to toe.

OF COURSE WE CANNOT TELL YOU ALL OUR SECRETS BUT TOGETHER WITH OUR AG FORMULA, MENTHOL, DENATURED ALCOHOL ( 96 % ) AND SOME GREEN COLOUR WE PUT EVERYTHING TOGETHER IN ONE LARGE MIXING TANK. Filter for at least four hours true a filtering pump. Mixing, which occurs at same moment, by means of this filtration.

As soon the Alcolado Glacial is clear it can be bottled and filled with our full automatic filler and labelling machine. Packed a special designed boxes our 3 sizes of Alcolado Glacial is exported to many different areas around the world.