Auto C-PAP Machine


Hoffrichter Trend II APAP (Auto CPAP) Machine Package

The Trend II APAP (Auto CPAP) machine makes for easy respiration and helps with a healthy and restful sleep.

The extremely low respiration resistance, the high power reserves and the automatic compensation for leakages and altitudes are only some of the innovative quality characteristics.

The simple operating system leaves nothing to be desired. Three different user menus, an information menu, a patient menu for adjusting the comfort functions and a clinical menu for the optimal customization of all the therapy parameters, creates a simple operation.

An easy to replace three layers filter which effectively filters the majority of pollen and air pollutants, is a further highlight of the device series.

Within a certain pressure range the device automatically controls the therapy pressure depending on the occurrence of respiratory events. In sleep phases with no events the therapy pressure is lowered. Starting obstructive events are treated effectively with a slight pressure increase. For a high therapy comfort the therapy pressure should always be only as high as necessary and as low as possible.

The device can recognize the following respiratory events: Obstructive apnea, Hypopnea, Central apnea, Snoring, Normal respiration and increased airway resistance.


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